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Cornwall Audiology Clinic

Cornwall Audiology Clinic has been providing audiological care to the people of Cornwall and surrounding area since 1989. We are located on the main floor of the McConnell Medical Centre, where our team of audiologists and hearing instrument specialists, working closely with your family physician, looks after all of your hearing needs. Since we are also affiliated with several local Ear Nose and Throat Doctors you will receive complete hearing care.

Let our professional staff look after all of your hearing requirements. Whether you need help hearing in many everyday situations or just need assistance on the telephone or with T.V. we are Cornwall's professional hearing health care choice.

Find out what Tomorrow's Digital Hearing Technology can do for You Today!

Our Team

Patricia Reesor M.Sc. (Dalhousie)
Debbie Martel M.Sc.A. (McGill)
Mario Moroso M.Sc.A. (McGill)
Lee Hanna M.Cl.Sc. (U.W.O.)
Linda Cull M.Cl.Sc. (U.W.O.)
Julie Plourde M.Sc.s. (Ottawa)
Barbara Reynolds M.S. (Wisconsin)

Hearing Instrument Specialists
Roger Martel

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