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ADD & ADHD Solutions

When ADD, ADHD, LD and APD are not just a string of seemingly random letters. When you have experienced first hand the impact that learning and behavioural issues can have on your child, your child's education and your family. It's time to consider the latest in Swiss Innovation

The Link to Learn

EduLink is a miniaturized wireless communication system (FM system) developed in Switzerland by Phonak Hearing Systems, a world leader in wireless communication. It was developed especially in the context of specific performance deficits.

Specific performance deficits are impairments of learning and performance in normally intelligent children with no evident physical or mental health issue as well as normal hearing.

Many children with specific performance deficits have one thing in common: difficulty with filtering speech from general environmental noise. This puts them under additional strain in the classroom.

EduLink enables your child to receive the teacher's voice at any time without difficulty - even with a great deal of environmental noise.

Results using EduLink in the classroom are very encouraging, particularly at improving understanding of the teacher's voice.

EduLink is used to complement existing therapies in children with Auditory Processing Disorders (APD), Attention Deficits Disorders (ADD), ADD with Hyperactivity (ADHD) and Learning Disabilities.

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