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Amplified Telephones

One of the most common situations people say they have difficulty hearing is on the telephone. We carry a variety of amplified telephones that meet a range of needs as well as degree of hearing loss. These telephones offers state of the art technology and come with many of the same features found on conventional telephones such as speed dial buttons and an illuminated keypad. The caller’s voice can easily be adjusted up or down as can the ringer tone. Each of these telephones is hearing aid compatible and designed to minimize the possibility of feedback. They work simply by plugging into a modular wall telephone jack.

Crescendo 350 and 450

The Siemens Crescendo comes in two versions. The model 350 is intended for mild hearing loss while the model 450 is designed to help those with a moderate hearing loss. The Crescendo 350 provides 25 dB of gain and the Crescendo 450 amplifies up to 33 dB.


The TeleTalker is our most powerful amplified telephone. It combines a powerful amplifier, capable of boosting speech up to 55 dB, with a sophisticated signal processing circuit to improve phone signal quality.

Stroller Phone

The Stroller phone is a 900 MHz-40 channel cordless telephone. It features a 30 dB handset volume adjustment, a boost button, which automatically resets to regular volume and a page button to help locate a lost handset.

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