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For over fifty years, the name for perfect sound has been Sennheiser. Professor Dr. Fritz Sennheiser founded the company in June of 1945 in the small German community of Wennebostel. Within their audiology line of products are several geared specifically to the hearing impaired and include:

Audioport A200

This stereo personal amplifier is like "reading glasses for you ears"; always at hand when you need it so that you're able to hear the "small print" too. Due to the stereo amplification via electret microphones near each ear, the user can clearly determine the direction of the sound source. The volume to each ear can be balanced to suit different needs. Dynamic headphone transducers ensure natural and transparent sound reproduction with optimum speech intelligibility. The A 200 can be conveniently stored ready for use on its own charging unit, which charges the battery automatically to provide 10 hours of operation

Infraport SET 810-120

The infraport Set 810-120 uses state of the art infra-red technology to deliver sound of the highest quality. With a range of up to 12 meters, the system is also well suited for use in large rooms, and the stereo sound guarantees excellent spatial sound representation.

The design of the SET 810-120 is not only visually attractive; the variable volume control is ergonomically designed for easy operation even by those with dexterity difficulties. The transmitter can be switched between mono or stereo transmission depending on the type of television you won. The receiver can be stored and recharged on the transmitter which is placed facing forward on the television. The unit is designed with a second battery charging compartment, so you can use two batteries alternately - to make sure that you can go on listening even beyond the 4 to 5 hours that a single battery provides.

Receiver RI 810 S

This infrared receiver is designed specifically for use with hearing aids. The sound is received by this pendant style unit and sent directly to your hearing aid using an induction coupler, an induction neck loop or a direct audio input cord to a hearing aid boot. The volume control can then be adjusted to the sound level required and TV viewing with family and friends becomes a pleasure once more. The infrared receiver RI 810 S has a receiving range of up to 12 metres.

This receiver can also be used by audiophiles who want excellent cordless stereo sound. Simply plug a regular stereo headphone into the RI 810 S and you are free to move about the room to your favourite music. Using this model with a headphone can also be an appealing option to those uncomfortable with anything placed in the ear.

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