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GN ReSound, yet another great Scandinavian hearing instrument maker, is the product of two storied companies. GN Danavox began producing hearing aids in 1943 and always held a significant position amongst the world's top hearing aids. ReSound grew as an offshoot of cutting edge technology developed at the famous AT&T Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey. Based on this technology, ReSound developed and manufactured the worlds first self-adjusting hearing aid and in doing so, set the world standard for sound processing.

In 1999 these two companies merged to become GN ReSound. Rounding out this important group is the acquisition of hearing aid companies, Beltone and Viennatone. The parent company, GN Store Nord, is recognized as a global manufactureer of advanced technology headsets, hearing instruments and audiologic diagnostic equipment. Bringing these technologies together creates a family of products that provide increased communication, mobility and an improved quality of life for people worldwide.

GN ReSound's technological advance's have resulted in a dynamic line of innovative hearing instruments.

ReSound Air
ReSound Air is the first digital hearing insturment designed specifically for people with high-frequency hearing loss.

Canta includes three distinct levels of hearing aids. Each level offers superior sound quality and clarity.


ResoundAIR™ is the first digital hearing aid designed specifically for someone with high frequency loss. This dynamic new technology addresses common frustrations like the unnatural sound quality of your voice or a plugged up sensation when wearing a hearing instrument. ReSoundAIR™ exclusive ComforTec™ system virtually eliminates these issues.

Features Include:

  • ComforTec™
  • Stabilizer™
  • Noise Reduction

ComforTec ™:
ReSoundAIR's ComforTec™ system includes a mini-BTE design that replaces the use of traditional ear molds, with a thin tubing and dome. This style makes ReSoundAIR™ virtually invisible. The ReSoundAIR™ mini-BTE tube and dome are easy to insert and stay in place no matter how active you are. The unique dome uses multiple vents to keep your ear canal open eliminating the plugged up sensation experienced with more traditional hearing aid designs.

Stabilizer ™:
ReSoundAIR's Stabilizer™ digital feedback suppression system combats feedback without a reduction in high frequency amplification.

Noise Reduction:
ReSoundAIR's Noise Reduction technology improves listening comfort and reduces listening fatigue in noisy environments. This technology quickly responds to reduce undesirable sounds in between syllables of speech without degrading the speech signal. ReSoundAIR™ incorporates directional technology to give you an additional advantage in difficult listening environments.

To see if you or an loved one may be a candidate for ReSoundAIR™ please consult with your hearing healthcare professional.

GN Resound's Canta family of hearing instruments is designed to meet all of today's demanding listing enviornments. A complete line of styles is offered ranging from the very small all-in-the-canal to the over the ear design. The feature sets included in the Canta line of hearing instruments may include:

  • Cochlea Dynamics Sound Processing
  • Up to 4 environmental programs
  • 3 Degrees of Noise Reduction
  • Spectral Enhancement
  • Adaptive Digital Directional Technology
  • Digital Feedback Suppression

More natural Hearing

You may have noticed that you can hear some sounds perfectly well while others are harder to hear. Most hearing instruments boost the volume of all sounds around you—so that although soft sounds become audible, loud sounds are often uncomfortable. Only Canta hearing instruments feature GN ReSound's unique Digital Cochlea Dynamics compression system, which closely mimics the workings of a normal human ear. So you get the right balance of soft and loud sounds for greater listening clarity and comfort.

There is a world of difference between an ordinary analogue or digital hearing aid and what the Canta has to offer. In fact the Canta4 and Canta7 are teh world's first "3D digital hearing instruments". The flagship of the Canta series, the Canta7 continuously interacts with the environment. By constantly sampling and adapting to your environment the Canta7 maintains the optimal performance even when the noise source is a moving target.

Surpresses annoying whistling

There is one Canta7 function whose advantages are clear: "search and destroy" feedback suppression. This function works "on the fly" crushing feedback before you hear it. All you notice is that you're hearing better, without annoying whistling.

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