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Noise and Water Protection


In one form or another noise is all around us, and in our modern world it's hard to avoid. Some is useful such as a car horn alerting us to the possibility of danger while other such as industrial noise or loud music can actually damage our hearing!

Noise-induced hearing loss is a function of exposure time and the loudness of the sound source. That is a person wishing to avoid noise-induced hearing loss should decrease their exposure time as the average loudness level increases. Some sound, known as impact noise, such as you might experience from firearm use can cause hearing loss very quickly.

Not only are construction or industrial workers susceptible to the damaging effects of noise. Did you know that musicians, including those who play "classical" music, can suffer from noise-induced hearing loss?

No matter what the noise source though, there is a solution for protecting your hearing. We offer a complete range of custom fit hearing protection.


Whether you play music in a band, orchestra or just listen to loud music, the problem with conventional hearing protection for musicians is that they selectively attenuate higher frequencies. The result is that although providing a measure of protection they distort the music as heard by the wearer. The solution is known as ER-15, ER-20 and ER-25 musician's earplugs. These High Fidelity Hearing Protectors provide a flat-response attenuation across the frequency range. The benefit of wearing these highly specialized earplugs is:

  • Sound quality is clearer and more natural
  • Fidelity of the original sound is preserved
  • Fatigue associated with noise exposure is reduced
  • The world doesn't sound muffled

Industrial Noise

Individuals who work in very loud industrial settings will benefit from custom made hearing protection. Although wearing earmuffs will provide an adequate level of noise protection they have some inherent drawbacks. In warm weather they can get very hot to wear and with time the foam seals can deteriorate, thus reducing their effectiveness.

Custom made hearing protection is made of silicone and provides several benefits including:

  • They provide an excellent seal to noise
  • They will not shrink, harden or discolour
  • They are comfortable to wear

Water Protection

When an eardrum becomes perforated as a result of accident, infection or surgical procedure to introduce Pressure Equalization (P.E.) tubes, the ear must be protected from excess water. Everyday activities we take for granted such as showering, washing our hair or summertime fun like running through a sprinkler could potentially introduce water to the ear.

We offer a variety ear plugs designed to protect the ear from water. These include custom fit as well a pre-designed ear plugs and headbands. Our latest innovative product is in-office custom fit water-protecting earmolds that are ready in 10 minutes! They are available in various colours and they float too! No longer do you need to wait a week or more for custom fit water protectors.

Please Note...that all earplugs designed to protect against water will only protect against mild incidental exposure. They should not be used where water is under significant pressure or when the head is placed under water.

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