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Oticon, founded in 1904 by Hans Demant marked its 100th anniversary in 2004. This celebrated Danish company was chosen European company of the year in 2003. Oticon is a company on the leading edge of today's hearing technology. Never one to follow, Oticon was the first manufacturer to introduce a truly digital hearing aid in 1996. Today they produce a complete line of digital as well as analogue hearing aids to meet the ever-challenging needs of today's hearing impaired. Their latest digital hearing aid is the Synchro. Oticon Syncro is the first hearing instrument to cross the boundary from ordinary, digital technology into the future category of advanced hearing instruments with artificial intelligence.

Improve listening performance
in an unpredictable world


Syncro intuitively and automatically adapts to changing listening conditions, always ensuring that voices come through clearly. Syncro is constantly scanning the environment for voices - and noise.

It then analyzes the sound environment in order to provide the right response. Unlike conventional digital instruments, Syncro bases its decisions on meticulous real-time comparisons of the outcome of different processing techniques.

It always chooses the strategy guaranteed to provide the clearest reproduction of speech - regardless of the complexity of the listening environment. This intelligent system is called Voice Priority Processing.

Speech in the spotlight

Directional microphones make a major difference in noisy situations. They help to detect noise and suppress it, so that speech becomes more distinct.

But where conventional directional systems remove only one source of noise at a time, Syncro can eliminate up to four, making it the most effective directional system available today.

Comfortable listening, all day long

By combining its award-winning speech detection system with unique noise reduction technology, Syncro is able to provide a perfect balance between comfortable listening in noisy situations and full clarity whenever speech is present.

Syncro uses highly advanced sound detectors to evaluate each situation. If only noise is present, it will reduce it. If there is a combination of speech and noise, then Syncro will enhance the speech. All to help you communicate comfortably wherever you go.

Natural sounds that meet your needs

Whether you lead an active or a quieter lifestyle, Syncro can be tailor made to support your personal listening preferences and any particular communication requirements.

Syncro's extremely powerful, yet tiny, sound processor calculates the optimal combination of thousands of settings to provide the best amplification scheme in any situation.

Styles and colours

Oticon Syncro comes in a complete range of styles, from virtually invisible In-the-Canal instruments to sleek, chic, Behind-the-Ear models. Your hearing care professional can help you find the style that suits you best.

Syncro can be customized with up to four different listening programs, which are accessible at the simple touch of a button. These can be used according to your needs - church, music or in the cinema etc.

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