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Siemens Hearing Instruments designs, engineers and manufactures a full range of digital, digitally programmable and conventional hearing aids. Siemens has been providing solutions for hearing loss for over 85 years. In 1913, Siemens developed the first in-the-ear amplification. Since then, Siemens has grown to become the leader in the development and production of hearing aids. Today it is the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world.

They also offer a wide variety of assistive listening devices such as amplified telephones, which help improve the quality of life of the hearing impaired. In late 2004 they introduced the first hearing instruments able to work in tandom and communicate wirelessly with each other...ACURIS

Introducing the natural integration of two hearing instruments in to one holistic system.

ACURIS with e2e wireless from Siemens
For the first time, two hearing instruments can not only communicate with each other, but actually function as one hearing system.

ACURIS is a family of products that redefines what's possible in a hearing system.

Only ACURIS with e2e wireless automatically synchronizes the processing between two hearing instruments to deliver the true benefits of binaural hearing. It's just as nature intended.

Two instruments working as one
ACURIS with e2e wireless enables two hearing instruments to exchange information and operate in total synchronization.

  • Automatically and instantaneously assesses and adjusts in changing acoustic situations.
  • Ensures that volume, program, noise reduction, and directional settings of both instruments are completely in sync.

With automatic operation or single touch button control, ACURIS with e2e wireless makes using binaural amplification discreet, comfortable, and easy.

The advantages of a single control
With ACURIS, both hearing instruments are controlled with a single touch, so you can focus on what you're hearing, not on your hearing instruments.

  • Smaller, custom hearing instruments are possible because controls on both instruments are no longer necessary.
  • Makes adjustments easier for those with reduced range of motion or sense of touch.
  • 50% less effort required to select programs and adjust volume.

ACURIS' advanced digital processing delivers superior performance across the board: from sound quality, to comfort, to functionality and convenience. The cumulative effect? An exceptional listening experience.

Only ACURIS delivers...

  • The world's first wholly synchronized binaural hearing instrument system.
  • Advanced technology for revolutionary performance.
  • Total simplicity and comfort
  • A tradition o fover 125 years of hearing care from Siemens.

The advantages of binaural hearing

  • Improved detection of soft speech - With binaural hearing, we are better able to hear and understand soft speech, especially when the person speaking is not directly in front of us.
  • Increased intelligibility - When the brain receives input from both ears, speech understanding is usually enhanced, especially when background noise is present.
  • Enhanced sound quality - With binaural hearing, sounds have a fuller quality and the listener had a sense of balance.
  • Better localization - In a healthy auditory system, the brain receives sound from both the left and right ears, making it easier to locate the direction of sounds
  • Spatial balance - Without input from both ears, individuals may feel disoriented or unbalanced. With binaural hearing, the world seems more "normal."

ePocket Remote Control
ePocket is the industry's first bi-directional remote control with readout function. Now wearers can control both volumen and program selection for any ACURIS hearing system. Even Micro-CIC wearers can enjoy the convenience of both volume control and additional membories without any physical controls on the hearing instruments.

EPocket is also beneficial for pediatric patients so parents or teachers can check the child's volume and program settings, as well as battery status.

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