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Wireless Solutions

Even today's latest-generation hearing instruments have difficulty providing clear speech intelligibility in difficult listening situations. The hearing aid wearer and therefore the microphone is located a distance from the sound source. Difficult listening environments can include meetings, restaurants, cars and trains.

Today there are wireless technology solutions to overcome the toughest listening challenges. Among them are:


The new benchmark in wireless communication
SmartLink is the first communication device to incorporate three solutions in one instrument

  • Advanced FM features
  • Hearing instrument remote control
  • Bluetooth link for mobile phone use

Today's fast-moving world presents many communication challenges to people with hearing loss. These include understanding speech over distance and conversing in noisy, echo-filled rooms. They also extend to the effective use of modern communication tools such as mobile phones and video-conferencing. Imagine answering and speaking on your mobile phone using your hearing aid. Now imagine that your mobile phone is situated on a table in another room! Well it's possible.

SmartLink is a communication gateway to all situations where understanding perfectly, all of the time, is key. This unique innovation, meets the needs of people with hearing loss, allowing them to communicate effectively in all environments and to take full advantage of all the communication tools available today.


Phonak of Switzerland has developed a wireless microphone system known as MicroLINK. This system features the HandyMic TX3 that delivers clear sound directly to your hearing instrument. Since the Phonak wireless model has been accepted as the world standard, it will work with virtually all hearing aid manufacturers' product.

When the mobile microphone is worn about the speaker's neck, voice is picked up directly at the source and transmitted to the hearing instrument as an FM signal. As the speaker moves about the room the same clear speech signal will be picked up by the hearing aid user. Hearing quality is optimized.

In a group situation such as a professional meeting, the mobile microphone can be placed on the table. Simply switch the microphone to one of several directional modes and place it near the speaker. Speech intelligibility is again optimized.

When it comes to T.V. watching or listening to music, the Phonak FM system provides several advantages. It eliminates the need to turn up the volume and thereby allows for conversation with others in the room. Other sound sources such as a telephone ringing can be more easily detected. The Phonak FM system has a unique automatic source selection feature that mutes the T.V./stereo's sound when the telephone rings.

  • MicroLINK's wireless FM technology enables you to hear and understand in noisy surroundings. The system consists of two parts: the HandyMic, which functions as the microphone and transmitter, and an audio shoe with an integrated receiver. The FM receiver – the worlds smallest - is attached to the hearing instrument with ease, and the HandyMic transmits the voice of the speaker directly to the listener’s hearing instrument, cable-free, over distances up to 30 metres! (approx. 100 feet).

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