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Testing for Hearing Loss

Figures indicate that one out of seven individuals does not have full hearing and one out of ten hears so poorly that a hearing instrument would help.

If you suspect a hearing loss, the first step is to see your family doctor to ensure that there is no medical reason for your difficulty hearing. Afterwards, you should arrange a visit with one of our audiologists for proper testing and evaluation. Simply call the location nearest you to arrange an appointment.

Testing is painless, comfortable and safe. It includes checking your ability to recognize everyday words at different volume levels, and to hear different tones.

The data from this test will be used to determine the type and severity of your hearing loss, and whether you might benefit from hearing aids.

The degree of hearing loss varies from person to person
Between the two extremes of hearing well and hearing nothing, there are many degrees of impairment. The terms used to describe the degree of hearing loss are mild, moderate, severe and profound. Most hearing losses are mild to moderate.

What does the degree of hearing loss mean?

  • Mild hearing loss: unable to hear soft sounds, difficulty understanding speech clearly in noisy environments.
  • Moderate hearing loss: unable to hear soft and moderately loud sounds, considerable difficulty understanding speech, particularly with background noise.
  • Severe hearing loss: some loud sounds are audible but communication without a hearing instrument is impossible.
  • Profound hearing loss: some extremely loud sounds are audible but communication without a hearing instrument is impossible.

Hearing loss is especially prevalent in older age groups. As a result, those over age 50 should consider a yearly hearing test as important as a physical checkup

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